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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn

It was the gardens that first attracted Connie Munro and her daughter to Seasons Mango Hill and now 14 months later Connie has transformed her large courtyard into her very own garden paradise.

“My daughter found Seasons and when she saw the garden out the front she thought ‘Mum would like this place’, so she came down and had a look at this nice place and she asked if I wanted to have a look,” says Connie.

“I came up and had a look at it and I said ‘Yes, I’ll have it!’ and that was that!”

Connie chose her apartment for its generous courtyard and could see the potential that the empty space provided.

With the help of her daughter and son-in-law, Connie has transformed grass and pavers into a true gardener’s paradise, complete with hedges, colourful blooms and climbing jasmine.

With an infectious energy and laugh that belies her 91 years, Connie relishes taking us for a walk through her garden and enjoys pointing out all of her favourite plants.

“I’m desperately waiting for all the gardenias to come out. They’re all in bud but they’re still green yet, they haven’t turned white. They’re going to be lovely,” says Connie.

“I brought a lot of cuttings from my home and my son-in-law always plants something new each time he visits and tidies up the hedges.”

A large archway, which was a Christmas gift from her daughter and son-in-law, now occupies pride of place in the centre of the garden.

“I got the big archway last Christmas and I’ve now got flowers growing over it, which leads into the big part of the garden. It looks really nice, especially when the flowers are out.

“Just now, all the flowers are moulting and there is a whole heap of new shoots coming up from the bottom. I’ve got a white one on one side and a beautiful deep red on the other side and they’ve both travelled up and crossed over.”

When she’s not enjoying her scenic retreat, Connie is an active member of the Seasons Mango Hill community. She walks daily with her friends around the walking track that winds around the community and is an active member of the knitting and garden clubs.

“You’re not tied down inside all the time. There are three of us that go walking together after lunch.

“It’s a good place. It’s really nice, clean and the gardens are lovely. Every month we get a little notice that says what’s on and what bus trips we can go on. If we want to go, we just book in. We go out for morning teas and have day trips to wherever the bus takes us.”

This blog post was first published on Seasons Aged Care

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