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How often have you said; “I’m not ready for aged care yet”. The thought of changing living arrangements is confronting for some, with feelings of not being ready for aged care yet.  There are many misconceptions about moving into aged care. Often the experience is quite the opposite once you have discovered exactly what life is like living at Seasons.

Some may have concerns that they will lose their independence, but maintaining independence is exactly what Seasons is all about.  Support and care are provided on a needs basis and we encourage independence amongst our residents. With a little help from us, our residents can continue to maintain their independence in a safe environment.

Friendships quickly form, and life becomes very exciting, with many opportunities for activities and engagement with others.  Some may have experienced years of living isolated and with a great deal of loneliness prior to coming to Seasons.  At Seasons individuals no longer feel alone; rather they quickly form part of a caring community and form strong friendships.

Improved quality of life

Quality of life dramatically improves, as individuals engage in activities they previously were unable to. They benefit from having access to adequate care levels if or when required. Health and wellbeing is monitored to ensure our elders are receiving optimum care and support where needed.

Being part of the caring community at Seasons, offers many a new lease on life. Any previous misconceptions about not being ready to move into aged care soon become a thing of the past.  The environment is homely, and individuals choose the type of lifestyle they want for themselves.

If you would like to discover more about life within a Seasons Flexible Lease Community, contact us today on 07 3088 7720 or enquire now for a friendly chat or to organise a tour of our beautiful grounds to discover for yourself the greater quality of life experienced at Seasons.

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