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Colin and Daphne Holsworth had done their homework before choosing an aged care community that was right for them. They settled on Seasons Redbank Plains and couldn’t be happier.  

Colin and Daphne started looking around for aged care more than three years ago when Daphne came to the realisation that she could no longer look after their large family home.

“I’d just come out of hospital and I knew I couldn’t look after a seven-room house, so we came here where it was easier for me,” says Daphne.

Colin and Daphne’s search for the right aged care community sent them all around wider Brisbane with Daphne commenting that many places just didn’t measure up.

“We had seen a lot of other places before we came here. We went right up to Carseldine and down to Marsden – all over the place – then we saw this place and we thought ‘this is good’ and we put our name down.

“My daughter had said I want you to come down to Wynnum, but when she looked at what was available she said, ‘I wouldn’t put a dog in them’ they were that bad,” says Daphne.

“So, she’s quite happy that we’re here and I think in time she’s planning to come here too when it’s her turn.”

Since moving in three years ago, Colin and Daphne have continued to be happy with their choice.

“The staff here, you couldn’t wish for better. They are really great,” says Colin.

“It’s a really fantastic place. They have a bus that takes you to the different shopping centres every so often and the doctor comes in here to see you – there’s nothing else you need. It’s really wonderful.”

Daphne agrees, “Everything is so convenient.”

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Moving to Seasons also allowed Colin and Daphne to continue living together and this year they celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary.

“As soon as she saw me, she couldn’t take her eyes off me,” jokes Colin.

Colin and Daphne proudly talk about the life they have built and continue to enjoy together and are particularly proud of their large, ever-expanding family who are now spread across Australia and overseas.

“Our family are scattered everywhere. There are some in Canada, America, Tasmania, Townsville, Mackay – they’re everywhere,” says Daphne.

“In total, we have 78 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!”

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