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If you are a full-time carer, it is important you take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Just like any job, you need time off to recharge your batteries and to rest.

This is why respite care should be an essential part of your duties. It is important carers have regular breaks and make time for their own needs.

Temporary relief

Respite care provides you with temporary relief from your role as a carer. It will support both you and your loved one. Aged care facilities and community care services can provide respite care and are available in a number of ways.

Residential respite

One of the most common forms of respite care is called residential respite or short-term care. The elderly relative you have been caring for goes to stay in an aged care home for an agreed amount of time. The aged care facility will require plenty of notice as they are not required to reserve places for this service. Another option you might want to explore is daycare respite. This is often provided in residential aged care homes.

Seasons Care is one of Queensland’s leading private aged care communities. They have an excellent reputation for the high level of care they offer to all their residents. As well as full-time residency, Seasons Aged Care has also established itself as being a well-respected provider of short-term respite care. It offers private short-term care programs which include comprehensive care assessment planning, medication management, skilled nursing and personal care.

Seasons Aged Care understand how important it is to create a home from home environment for your loved one. This is why a lot of care has gone into designing comfortable and stylish accommodation. Your loved one will also have access to home-style cooked meals, hairdressing and a range of lifestyle activities.

A 24-hour emergency response system operates as part of the respite care package. You can rest assured that there will always be someone on duty should your loved one need help.

For more information about Seasons Care’s respite care facilities, contact the organisation on 1300 506 116 today or contact us online.

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